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Smartphone Smarts

o what do you use your smartphone for? Ever thought about playing your favourite casino games whilst you are out and about – perhaps in the back of a taxi, on a train, or just on your lunch break from work?

According to industry experts many people don’t actually make many phone calls from their smartphones any more, preferring social media routes to keep in touch with friends and family.

A smartphone therefore becomes a source of entertainment primarily; a survey of users earlier this year listed smartphone activities according to popularity in the following order:

  1. mobile browsing
  2. social networking
  3. playing games
  4. making phone calls
  5. texting
  6. sending emails

The online casino industry is getting wise to this shift in popular culture and more and more of the major players are upping the ante when it comes to meeting the growing demands for smartphone and tablet based casino games.

The best smartphone versions of games such as poker, bingo, roulette and even slot machines are the ones which look and feel like a typical ‘app’. One thumb browsing is a phrase often used to describe the ‘swipe’ across the screen to move between pages of an app or game and this type of functionality is key to ensure ease of use for players.

According to the latest figures, the UK mobile gaming market reached £202 million in 2010 and projected growth reaching £488 million in 2015 is already being talked about. Watch out for this steadily increasing market place for lovers of internet casino games – and make sure you upgrade your mobile phone in order to keep up with the technology! Happy gaming everybody.




Smartphone Smarts