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Continuation Betting Versus Weak Players in Position

Dan Harrington was one of the first professional poker players to write about the art of the continuation-bet (c-bet) in his excellent series of poker books called Harrington on Hold’em. 
But times have changed since the series was first published, and here are some tips for managing c-bets.

Versus Weak Players in Position: Position is power and, against a weaker player, it is a great spot to be in. When we are in position against a weaker player we are actually going to check back a lot more flops with the intention of betting the turn. 

This play is more commonly referred to as the ‘delayed c-bet’ line. This works because weaker players are always going to believe that a good strong aggressive player is c-betting 90% of his hand. 

To check back raises suspicion, and this is where the delayed c-bet works. Make sure you use the delayed c-bet play around 70% of the time on paired boards or uncoordinated boards. 

Also, make sure that you check back your strong hands to balance your play when facing stronger players. This is something you can omit from your game against the weaker players who are not paying attention.

On draw heavy boards, is it often a good play to check both flop and turn to weaker players. They are then going to bet a made hand a very high percent on the river, thus giving you an easy decision. If they check the river, then you should be betting at least 95% of the time here.




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Continuation Betting versus weak players in Position